Whatever Happened to Mickey Mantle? >> He's DEAD but STILL REVERED >>>

For almost two decades, Mickey Mantle was a dominant force on the baseball diamond. He is widely considered the greatest switch hitter of all time and he is one of only 15 players to win the Triple Crown. Mr. Mantle also is the owner three MVP awards and of seven World Series rings and still holds many of that latter's hitting records.

For almost his entire career, The Mick played with a constant series of injuries leading to some of the greatest “what if” questions ever. Still, his is a magnificent achievement and he remained a highly popular figure with fans even after his retirement and his subsequent death. In fact, a Mantle “rookie” card is still one of the most valued of all collectibles.

After baseball, Mr. Mantle opened a series of restaurant. All failed except for the highly popular “Mickey Mantle's Sports Bar” in midtown Manhattan. Unfortunately, he also suffered from alcoholism and, in the end, this affliction ended his life. Mr. Mantle died on August 13, 1995.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia Article by: hilary lloyd

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