Whatever Happened to Maureen McCormick? >> She's ALIVE, HAPPILY MARRIED and has RESUMED her SINGING CAREER >>>

Once one of the most recognizable young faces on the television in the early 1970s, Maureen McCormick has seen her share of ups and downs. After the end of The Brady Bunch, the series that brought her stardom, Ms. McCormick landed a succession of roles on various TV series and a succession of B-Movies.

In the 70s, she had a short singing career with the other members of the Brady Bunch cast and also released a solo album but the success was short-lived. In the ensuing years, she struggled with several addictions and illnesses but has seemingly overcome them at last. These days, she continues to act when given the opportunity but largely concentrates on launching her new singing career in country music.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Article by: hilary lloyd

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