Whatever Happened to Lindsay Wagner? She's ALIVE and >>>

An accomplished actor well before her appearance in the role that would make her famous, Lindsay Wagner has continued to contribute to the entertainment community throughout her life. Her first modeling gigs brought her to the attention of Playboy who gave her a small part as hostess in the then new Playboy After dark series. Afterward, she became a contract player for Universal Studios.

This career advancement led to a number of appearances in well-known shows such as Marcus Welby M.D., Adam-12 and Night Gallery. Her increased exposure gained her a featured role in the hit sci-fi show, the Six Million Dollar Man. Though her character died at the end of the show, her popularity was such that the producers retrofitted a new story line and gave her a series of her own, The Bionic Woman.

Her fame established, Ms. Wagner went on to act in dozens of other series and films. Most recently, she has been seen in Warehouse 13 on the Syfy Channel and also teaches at San Bernardino Valley College.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia Article by: hilary lloyd

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