Russian scientists have made analysis of meteorite fragments found near the frozen lake in Chelyabinsk region, above which the meteorite exploded. Proportion of recovered material contains 10 percent iron. Divers searched the lake's bottom and, the meteor made a crater with a diameter of six meters.

Have not found anything yet, but will resume search after melting.

10 ton meteorite, as the researchers Russians,entered the atmosphere over the Ural Mountains in Russia.

It made 1,200 injured and caused damage of about 33 million dollars, in several localities. An army of 24,000 volunteers, soldiers and workers was sent from Moscow to clean and repair the damage caused by meteorite. All windows will be replaced in less than a week - quite difficult for a region where the average lunch is recorded minus 12 degrees. Experts say it is the largest meteorite that has ever hit the Earth, from the Tunguska .