It is quite strange for for a plane with 239 people to just vanish from the face of the earth... without a trace. I am pretty sure that this has puzzled many people who have heard about this buzzing news on the television, on the radio and also in the news papers.

What really happened to the plane? Where are the people? Are they dead? Are they still alive? Was the plane captured by terrorists? Did the plane plunge into the ocean?

Those are just some of the many questions that people have been asking about this missing plane.

As for me, I am still worried about the people. Could this happen to me or any of my close friends or family members?

To me this is just sad and depressing. We all wished that this was a dream and everything was back to normal.

I am just praying for positive results and hoping that the plane along with the 239 people are found and everything is alright.


Article Written By: @kharim

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