You really need a tablet? With an intermediate level of functionality between computers and smartphones, tablets is gaining more and more space to join qualities of both. Check out the article prepared by TechTudo and find out if the tablet is really the ideal gadget for you.

More than one e-readers
Tablets should not be confused with digital book readers (e-readers). Despite the size and shape similar to the screen of most e-readers is monochromatic, emits no light and has no touchscreen, served only to read newspapers, books and magazines, while the tablets are the same and have a number of other functions .
Developed to assist in various tasks of everyday life, with these next-generation gadgets you can read e-books, access websites, send emails, filming and photographing, listening to music and watching movies or even play new roles, specific for this equipment. More compact than a netbook
Unlike laptops and netbooks, tablets, and more lightweight and practical, are extremely portable and can be used at any time. However, most of the users find it difficult to enter text on a touchscreen. This difficulty can be easily resolved with a greater intimacy with this interface or by connecting a physical keyboard via Bluetooth.
Remember that a tablet does not replace the computer because besides not physically connect to peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, does not have a CD or DVD and only connects via Bluetooth printers. Moreover, due to the little space on HD and the limited processing power of data, it is not feasible to work with heavy programs.
A growing market with increasing demand
Samsung and Apple are the major competitors in the sale of these devices. Their models have large RAM capacity and high-resolution screens, being the perfect choice to play games, watch movies and download large applications. Although the models of these brands are the most expensive, are still the most complete devices among the competition.
With the increase in sales of this device, a wide range of applications now being offered. According to the operating system of the tablet, which can be iOS, Android or Windows 8, you can download numerous apps from online stores, many of them free. There are games, programs for professional assistance, calendars, browsers, calendars, interactive books, movie channels, social networks, etc.. Disadvantages device
Despite having many qualities, the tablets must still face some dilemmas. The first, and most common in new technologies, is the high price of the best quality equipment. Although there are several brands of tablet affordable, most of these products do not have good data processors and has memory problems.
Another important issue is the battery consumption. Depending on how it is used, with all features turned on, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.. and screen brightness at maximum, their charge can last very little. The ideal is to leave off what is unnecessary and only connect when needed, and the same should be done with light brightness.
The advantages of having a
The ease of using the tablet and the great diversity of applications already available make this device ideal staff a fixture for the whole family. Some professionals also now use the tablet as a device in several essential functions.
The features of these gadgets are numerous, and the number of applications increases every day, because with the increased competition from manufacturers, there is a consequent rush of companies in developing programs to rotate in different operating systems.