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Ano ba ang SWA or Supreme wealth alliance?

It is a 100% online business program specifically designed to help regular people around the world attain financial success through a POWERFUL 2-WAY APPROACH… all from within the comfort of the home computer!

Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S)

is an online business program developed byChavesNet Enterprises. ChavesNet Enterprises has a great track record of innovating and developing unique and brilliant business programs, concepts, and opportunities. The CEO and Chief Admin of ChavesNet is Francis Chaves. Francis was a successful network marketer in the Philippines for many years before he started his own local network marketing programs. Francis is likewise an ASEAN / European Union accredited trainer and speaker whose main life mission is to help uplift the lives of regular people by teaching them how to creatively earn money even with meager resources or capital. This endeavor with the ASEAN / European Union provided the groundwork for his international exposure. In early 2008, Francis became interested in developing network marketing businesses for the internet, as the network marketing business model is the finest way to help ordinary persons gain financial freedom. In his own local network marketing programs thousands have achieved financial success, and he desired to bring this same success to more people on a global scale.

Assisting Mr. Chaves is the SWA admin team which is composed of talented and dynamic individuals whose main objective is to maintain a happy and vibrant network. Overall it is SWA's mission to sustain a genuine and long lasting online network marketing business that provides real value and a real opportunity to regular individuals anywhere in the world. SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System is designed to provide an ideal program by blending high attraction (two of the best pay plans combined), long term viability, affordable one-time cost, and great value (the Supreme Wealth Library).

Ano ang mga produkto nang SWA?

The Supreme Wealth Library SWA developed a massive library whose resources can teach you the practical principles, secrets, techniques, and strategies on how to build and maintain wealth. The library now contains hundreds of titles and thousands of resources. They are in the form of ebooks, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates, modules, icons, fonts, and other media formats.

…and here, the few about marketing in general. There are many more in the library not shown in this site. other e-books that are included are " how to cook" , Six Pack Ab, Anti-Ageing and Skin Care Made Easy, Boost Your Self Esteem and many more. the total e-books is 353 pcs. and the company will add more e-books in the future. Another superb feature of the Supreme Wealth Library is that you can conveniently access all its products and resources from within one area… the library downloader software. Our powerful search feature makes you easily find resources based on title, description, or even based on product type or rights. With all these features, value, and content, one would easily think that the Supreme Wealth Library costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It does not…

Panu ba ako kikita sa SWA?

The SWA System: The Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S) It's very simple. When you purchase the Supreme Wealth Library, you will be entered into our marketing system, and you’ll be given your own website. Just consistently share your SWA website to as many people as possible.And the system will do the rest by rewarding you with both quick and long-term residual income. WHY Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S)? It’s because we combined the 2 best and most popular compensation plans (or pay plans) on the internet, whereby the weaknesses of each are neutralized, and their best features are magnified. What’s superb about these 2 pay plans is that the weaknesses of one are the strengths of the other, that’s why they are a ‘perfect couple’.

Every one who joins SWA Ultimate and purchases the Supreme Wealth Library gets into the 2 pay plans.

Pay Plan # 1: The 2 x 2 Dynamic Follow Matrix

This pay plan is based on a structure of only 7 persons --- you, your 2 first level downlines, and their 2 first level downlines --- hence the term '2 x 2'.

To earn from this system, you simply need to fill up your 2 x 2 matrix. Your referrals and the referrals of your referrals get into your matrix. You earn US$70 or US$90 for each completed 2 x 2 matrix, wherein you will cycle.

Income in a 2 x 2 matrix is quick… basically you just refer 2 people who then each refer 2 people. so you will earned 20$ for each referral and once your matrix will be full you'll get another 90$ commission. so 20$ x 6 = 120$ + 90$cycled matrix = 220$.

Pay Plan # 2: The Infinity 3-Up Pass Up To understand how this works, please study the diagrams below step by step. Notice where each of your direct referrals go and how the direct referrals of your downlines go up to you.

So you passed up your 2nd, 3rd and 7th referrals. From your 8th referrals onwards, there will be NO passing ups from you.

Now here’s where it get’s exciting…. When you begin to receive pass up.

This 4 people directly under you will each pass up their 2ns, 3rd and 7th direct referrals. That’s a total of 12 pass ups to you. Since you earn 20$ per pass up to you, you make $240.

This 12 people directly under you will each pass up their 2ns, 3rd and 7th direct referrals. That’s a total of 36 pass ups to you. Since you earn 20$ per pass up to you, you make $720.

This 36 people directly under you will each pass up their 2ns, 3rd and 7th direct referrals. That’s a total of 108 pass ups to you. Since you earn 20$ per pass up to you, you make $2,160.

Do you see the big picture now?

Time will come thousands upon thousands of people shall be passing up to you… and they pay you up to $20 each. That’s the true leverage residual income at it’s best!!

Another wonderful fact about SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System, is that the program is extremely new. Knowing about it at this early stage is an extreme advantage for you, because the global market consists of millions upon millions of people waiting for something like this.

ACT upon this NOW, and your dreams may come true even sooner than you ever thought. Say YES to SUCCESS!

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