Today I got a box delivered from Abercrombie and Fitch. It had the shorts I ordered for my son.

My spoiled cats as always got the box. The moment I laid the box down it was claimed by my Buddha baby Stripe (the big darker cat).

Sharing is something Stripe does only grudgingly. You see, he doesn’t much like to share. He doesn’t like to share his food, his coveted spot on the couch, or the comforter that is their bed.

For a brief moment today he did feel generous enough to share the fun of lying in the box with his brother from another mother, Rio. Isnt it funny how the fat from my spoiled babies makes the box bulge?

A moment only lasts so long though. Stripe promptly bit Ro on the ass and sent him on his way. What can I say, my fat baby is a bully. Poor Rio…

Peace, smiles, and fun stuff,

Images: Layla Lair