Crazy Clown Herbal Madness Incense is a type of synthetic marijuana and is sometimes known as spice or potpourri. It can sometimes be found in convenience stores, smoke shops, and in online herbal avenues. Crazy Clown sells for around 45 dollars plus for a small three ounce packet.

Crazy Clown has been around on the incense and herbal drug scene for several years. A 2010 Facebook page can be found for Crazy Clown Incense. Legal drug reviews dot com has a review of Crazy Clown that posted back in September 2011.

YouTube also has a review of Crazy Clown Incense that was posted by Jay Muise in 2011. Mr. Muise is better known as the, “Legal High Guy.” In the YouTube video, Mr. Muise states he was sent the product to try as he smokes and rates Crazy Clown a 5 out of 10 on camera. What he fails though to share is just how dangerous Crazy Clown can be.

In August 2013 Crazy Clown seriously sickened 8 of its users in Brunswick, Georgia. Several of those sickened were reported to have foamed at the mouth and one nearly died. This relatively unheard of drug is now making headlines across the state of Georgia as the news media warns of the dangers involving its use. The CDC has also launched an investigation into the ingredients contained in this questionable drug and hope to have more answers as to what it may contain.


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