I've been using the Viggle application on my iPhone for the past several months. It is super-easy to use and allows you to accumulate points that you can then use to earn rewards. You simply hit the "check in" button and allow your phone to listen to 30 seconds of the TV audio and then the program will recognize what it is and give you points for the amount of time that you will be watching the show.

I earned my first 50,000 points within just 3 months and redeemed them for a $25 gift card to Old Navy. It really was perfect timing because I needed to order new khakis in a smaller size to I got one pair basically for free. There also were gift cards available for Best Buy, Target, Papa John's, Sephora, etc.

Tonight I decided to take a look at what gift cards were available through the Viggle Rewards store... and there were only 2: one for an overnight Redbox rental (6000 points) and one for an overnight video game rental (6750 points). That's it. Nothing else. Nada. No more. We have a Netflix membership so we don't need deals for viewing movies or playing games.

I'm not sure why I'm still checking into shows if those are the only two gift card rewards available through Viggle. I'm also kind of shocked that I haven't seen any kind of outcry about the slim pickings when it comes to Viggle Rewards gift cards. In all honesty, if the company doesn't increase the variety of gift cards available, I may just permanently delete this app from my iPhone. There are enough time-wasters in my life as it is.

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I took the above picture of the only 2 options to redeem points for a gift card.