When we visited Kentucky and the Derby for my birthday, we drove down by car. Because of the distance involved, we stopped on the way down and again on the way back. This gave us ample opportunity to make several short sidetrips.

I’ve already told everyone how much I loved Kentucky. But I haven’t yet told you about how much I also like West Virginia. It is a beautiful state that has countless lakes, forests, parks, and geographical treasures. It also has a lighthouse? It does and it’s landlocked. So why?

It was a school project, built by engineering and welding students from the Nicholas County Technical Center. Together with drafting and other welding students of Fayette Institute of Technology, the students built a 100 foot tall lighthouse. The structure stands above the cliffs and waters of Summersville Lake. They started with a partial wind tower.

Not without numerous challenges throughout construction, it soars 2,000 feet above the lake and offers phenomenal 360 degree viewing. If you find yourself in West Virginia, you have to check out the landlocked lighthouse and climb the 122 steps to the top, knowing all the while that this was a one-of-a-kind enduring school project.

Picture credits: WV Gazette, Windgreenergy, Summersville Lake Retreat, WCHS tv, Facebook

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