Last week I wrote an article about an overdraft in my account at Wells Fargo. The conflict was about how a check I wrote to another bank a few hours earlier got to my bank faster than an automatic deposit the same night. I was charge an overdraft fee of $35 because my check came in faster than the automatic deposit.

I went into Wells Fargo and told the person who was helping me that I had been instructed by another person at the bank to request a removal of the overdraft fee if I should incur one. I was asked who told me this, but I told her I didn't catch her name. Even if I had remembered, I would not have told this person, as I would not have wanted the first person to get into trouble.

The person helping me gave me a lecture on writing checks on balances that cannot cover the check. I told her I had called both banks in order to avoid bouncing a check, which I never do. Neither bank was helpful in letting me know when any check would clear or when it would arrive, because neither bank knew.

So, she told me it was against policy to remove overdraft fees. BUT she would go talk to her supervisor and see what she said. She came back and said that as a courtesy, this one time, they will take it off. I have two mortgages with them, a bank account and a savings account (nothing in it - it was a forced account or they would levy a fee for having a bank account there).

So, I just wanted to share the news that they did take off the overdraft fee. I came home and looked at my online account, and it was as if it never existed. Not the account, the overdraft fee.

My mortgage was sold to another mortgage company, and I am going to see if I can move the due date to something later in the month so I don't keep going through this when my money fluctuates in its arrival during the month.

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