On the modern Web of 2013, it's a common saying that "Traffic is King."

Of course that's pretty much common sense. Web sites live and die by the number of visitors they have-- and this holds especially true for those sites that offer payments to their contributors. After all, you have to have traffic in order to be able to drive revenues from advertising sales-- and it's ultimately the revenues from advertisers that go towards paying contributors, as well as paying for site maintenance, hardware, support staff and so on.

Web site traffic is often an uncertain set of rumors, promises and estimates. That is, UNLESS a web site chooses a policy of "transparency," meaning that they make their actual web site traffic a matter of public record. To many users and observers, a site whose traffic statistics are publicly viewable is making a statement of trustworthiness... telling the world they have "nothing to hide."

One way to make your traffic public is to have your web site "Quantified" by web statistics provider Quantcast. Quantcast is unique in that it offers a "direct measurement" feature to web site owners, which is subsequently publicly accessible for the world to see.

As of just a few days ago-- April 23rd, 2013-- Bubblews has made the move to become a "Quantified" web site. You can visit the Bubblews Quantcast page at the following link: http://www.quantcast.com/bubblews.com and keep up with the ACTUAL traffic movements on the site-- updated daily. Of course, DO keep in mind that it will be a few months before meaningful trends can be seen.

Initial measurements show Bubblews having in the range of 75,000-80,000 unique visitors per day. Although that's still a long way from industry giants Squidoo and HubPages, it's still a very good showing for such a "young" site. The photo with this article is a screen shot of Bubblews' Quantcast page after just a few days of measurement... click on the image for a bigger version.

*** UPDATE 3rd May, 2013 *** It appears that Bubblews management has decided to make the site's traffic stats "private." The reason for this is currently unknown.

In general, having direct traffic measurement done by a web metrics service is a good sign for all involved in contributing to Bubblews... another reason to give the site a vote of confidence! It seems unlikely that Bubblews management would go to the trouble of installing Quantcast codes on all the site's pages, UNLESS they were planning to be around in the long term.

*** UPDATE 27th July, 2014 ***

Although the Quantcast numbers remain hidden, since the release of the "New Bubblews," the site has gained momentum again, and is almost ranked in the top 1000 web sites, globally!

Talk Back! What do YOU think? Does Bubblews (or any web site's) decision to have the site's traffic measured directly and publicly give you confidence the site will be around for a while? Or does it not change your opinion? Do you believe that "transparency" between a company's management and users is a positive thing?

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