A study by a team of researchers from the University of Bonn raises many questions about the nature of the universe . The survey, taken from the "Matrix Revealed" shows that cosmic rays undergo strange changes in energy that emanates unknown. This bizarre conclusion pushed scientists to reshape the entire behavior of cosmic rays and to argue that the nature of the universe is artificial .

Universe structure was compared with several lattice side by side, like a hologram simulation projects reflect the reality in which we live. In other words, there is a software that designs all available in the two-dimensional images of the universe in which we are closed.

German researchers have made an analogy between the global environment designed for a TV, each pixel with a fixed structure and design a piece of lattice image of the universe that have the same role. This universal structure based on a large simulation is also found in Tibetan sacred texts, suggesting the idea that everything around us is just an illusion and only the consciousness of man is real. These texts are not available to everyone, for understandable reasons, but the idea is the basis amounted Buddhist teachings.

Also, there is a rule that relates to the Buddhist " divinity view ". The master will propose his pupil into contact with the divine and and an image as a close friend. The student has to ask advice whenever required to take a major decision. The relationship between student and imaginary friend in the form of the deity must be one close, but when it reaches a certain point, the teacher ordered the student to eliminate the imaginary friend in his life. Thus, the student performs the two aspects of life: creation and destruction. Above these two issues, you realize that all reality is an illusion induced by brain or brain.