One of my favorite things to photograph is water drops on flowers. You can take some water, a macro lens and some flowers and make a million unique photographs. With a little patients you can create stunning photographs. I use either a spray bottle or a waterbottle with a small hole in it to create the water drops. During my lunch break today at work I went to a local park in Dallas. I took my gear and found some interesting flowers. I lined up some water drops and got a few nice pictures. These were all captured on a Canon 5D Mark II camera. I used a Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x macro lens and a Canon MT-24EX twin flash unit. These photographs of water drops are unedited. These came straight out of the camera and no enhancments were made. Not exactly my best work but they are interesting either way.

This is a macro video of what it looks like taking macro photographs of water drops.