For those who don’t know, Breaking Bad is a crime drama series set in New Mexico. It follows the story of Walter White who has inoperable lung cancer and turns to a life of crime to ensure the security of his family after his death. The series was renewed for a fifth and final series, and the fate of Walter has been debated for months.

Was the fate of Walter White in the finale of Breaking Bad satisfying or was the plot simply too unbelievable?

If you’ve been following Breaking Bad sries you’ll have been anticipating finale for a while now, and I’m sure you will have been able to predict parts of the ending – there were a couple of twists, and it was a very spectacular finale, but did it really do justice to the whole series?

So far critics are giving it the thumbs up – it wasn’t like The Sopranos, where it ended with too many questions unanswered – most loose ends were cleared up, although perhaps some of them were too clean!

What do you think – was the Breaking Bad finale what you expected? Were you surprised at all?

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