Originally Warsito P Taruno are experts tomography is the science or technology on how to "see" the reaction in the reactor vessel steel or opaque. However, prompted by its desire to help his brother who suffered from breast cancer, he managed to create cancer-fighting tool.

Vest shaped instrument which contains electrically charged metal plates of the battery proved successful cancer cure his brother. Not only that doctoral graduates of the University of Shizuoka, Japan also succeeded in developing a tool to eradicate brain cancer, colon cancer, and so on.

Even now, the cancer-fighting tool is also used by a network of hospitals in India. "We've done a cooperation agreement for the utilization of these tools Apolo Hospital patients in India. This is a hospital network spread across various cities in India, "said Warsito who founded the Laboratory in the shop CTechs Modernland, Tangerang.

Besides India, a number of doctors from Belgium also has expressed interest in using the tool for the treatment of cancer-fighting in one of the European countries. In addition, doctors from Belgium is also willing to help the development of tools that were found Warsito. Even willing to become a representative in Europe.

The instrument uses the principle of static electricity radiation, has cured a patient with a brain tumor is small. "Thank God, after two months of use the patient declared cured. I got a copy of the results of CT brain scans of patients by a team of doctors at the hospital, "said Warsito.

Nowadays, not only offices Warsito bustling with activity tomographic studies, but also many people with cancer visit. Not only come from around the capital city, the people coming from different areas. Even some of them have patients coming from Singapore and Malaysia.

Warsito not take great advantage of his invention. It's just that considering the number of people who came, the current team can complete your order dimpimpinnya new tool for patients about a month. The tool is used according to the conditions suffered by cancer.

According to Warsito, cancer-fighting tool that was developed in the process of certification by the Research and Development, Ministry of Health. He said the method of radiation-based tomographic static electricity, the full results of the nation's children are going to be a breakthrough in medicine.

Besides going to revolutionize the medical treatment of cancer, he said, would also minimize the costs of the patient or his family. "For sure this will change the method of treatment that uses radiation for high-risk and costly," said the man born in Karanganyar, Central Java who do post doctoral at Ohio University, America.

We have had a lot of people who use and recovered after using this tool. At initial use, the patient is usually characterized by a strong scent of sweat and feces black. Nevertheless, he admitted that he had found a tool that still need to be elaborated further, especially in terms of medical science. source: ciputraentrepreneurship.com