Just read the most ridiculous thing ever but it is very true. Apparently you can no longer go out an start your car to warm it up an then wait inside. Everyone knows it's get pretty damn cold in Ohio. In other words, anyone who leaves a running vehicle unattended, even if he or she is just stepping away while it warms up, can be charged with a misdemeanor and a $150 fine for omitting to stop the engine, lock the ignition, and remove the keys (emergency vehicles exempt). Sound a little unreasonable to you? Because it does to me. Ever since I was a little kid I always remembered my mom running outside in the morning to start the car an get the heat pumping and then coming back inside to make sure me an my sister were getting ready for school. Everyone I know has done this and now we can't because were supposed to deter thievery? Come on really? My husband would go out start the car, lock the doors because he carried an extra key on him. Also you can't even warm your car up in your own drive way if someone was to see you would get fined. This to me is so stupid. Let me know what ya'll think!