Who among you doesn't know about Rick Grimes and his team of zombie-killing survivors? Almost all of us do, of course! Team Rick is going to return on our TV screens this October 13. The show has literally "survived" 4 seasons already (including the upcoming one this October).

But what really made Walking Dead standout among other series in prime time TV? It's how the fictitious zombie apocalypse has been brought into the modern-day society, as well as how the characters cope up, adapt and survive in an unimaginable world inhabited by the undead. Walking dead is a brilliantly made series that shows how people would either team-up with each other or fight one another in order to survive a chaotic world. From scavenging foods to scouting a perimeter for any signs of the undead, each of the characters will do whatever it takes just to survive and, of course, not get bitten by those band of "Walkers." There are lots of characters to mention, but in a nutshell, all of them have evolved and adapted to the world they live in - they kill zombies, they wield different weapons, they protect each other's back, they check any place for supplies and foods just to stay alive.

I like the walking dead simply because it shows how humanity would possibly respond in an unforeseen event like a zombie apocalypse. Many will die, many will turn into flesh-eating zombies. But the human race will always look for ways to adapt to these changes. I know that what I've written is just a plain overview of the series. I do not want to spoil, so it's totally up to you, Bubblers, to check the series from season 1 to season 3. See for yourself why Walking Dead has become on of the top-rating series in the history of prime time TV.

*Are you following the series? What are your thoughts about season 4? Walking dead fans, I'd love to share ideas and hear your expectations below!

=== Photo source: Walking dead website