There are days when you feel like you should have just stayed in bed all day - doing nothing. But many times we don't have that choice. We have to go on, and our mind work even when we are in bed all day. We move on no matter how we may feel today or tomorrow. When I have one of these days, I take myself too seriously enough why I have this kind of feeling. Inside of me knows that this too shall come to pass. It's not a bad idea to assess and analyze ourselves once in a while.

When waiting for something to happen or waiting for someone to come can be weary and draining and at any given times seems so frustrating, you know that at the end of the day whether you like it or not - one thing is for sure, you learned to wait. When I get this kind of thinking, I am convinced that doing anything is better than doing nothing. Waiting is not doing nothing. I believe it is a kind of action that prepares us for the right choice - the future.

See how waiting lives in you? Waiting for your order to come in a restaurant -the moment of joy is there when you see your food coming in. Waiting for your bride on your wedding day - a tear in your eye flow when you see her walking down the aisle. Anticipating the birth of your first born child - the joy of seeing and welcoming her into the world can't be expressed by mere smile. Waiting for someone special to fill your heart - the longer you wait, the better the person is. Waiting for your turn to hit that redemption button - the excitement just don't go away even after the first and fifth redemption. Waiting just goes on and on.

Waiting is finding the right timing and avoiding tragic mistakes. There is an appropriate time for everything. A time for everything under the sun. Waiting is never easy of course, it test our patient. We learned to see things from a different perspective. It is not a waste of time to wait. Learning to wait will bring our restless heart in peace and quiet. So what's your hurry? No matter how long it will takes, be willing to wait. How far or how closer you are into getting what you want to accomplish, the fulfillment of something you want to see, to hold, to claim and to happen, will come. It will come waited!

Picture Credit: #pentalks /personal photo/image