Over the last year or so, I have tried several different rewards programs and sites where you can earn gift cards and products so I decided to post some reviews of the ones that I have tried.

Viggle is an app where users earn points for checking into tv shows and then the points can be redeemed for different gift cards and items.I heard of viggle after reading a blog from someone who said they had earned a couple amazon gift cards in their first week of using it. Soon after starting the app, I realized that the program had changed a lot since the person had posted their blog. I immediately noticed that they no longer offered amazon gift cards. Noticing that they had groupon gift cards, I decided to still give the app a shot. I started out just checking into the shows I watched while working out because that is pretty much the only time I ever watch tv. However, I realized at that rate, I would likely never reach the amount needed for a gift card. then I started leaving on the tv in the background while I did house work and other things around the house. I would check into each new show when it came on. Even with checking into so much tv, it took me several months to earn enough points for a $15 groupon gift card. They have a commercial that shows a guy who quit his job and just earned money through viggle, but that it ridiculous. You would have to watch tv all day long to possible earn $1 worth of points. I suppose this could be good if you just wanted to occassionally earn a small gift card but for people who are looking to make very much from a rewards app or program, I would not suggest it.

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