hai friends bubblenews, there are following news about miss world 2013, which was held in Indonesia? mine me is one of the fans of the show miss world :). now I will be sharing about contestants from Indonesia. his name is vania larissa, age 17 years, he was one of the contestants that I think is quite pretty: D, he is great at singing,, nice voice ^ ^ before participating miss world 2013, vania larissa had won the Miss Indonesia, probably because she's pretty ^ ^. now, since he miss world contest in 2013 his name more known in Indonesia, already as the artist ^ ^..I forgot, before he won the championship Miss Indonesia, she had been a contestant in Indonesia's got Tallent, there women became singer seriosa or opera singer, and was elected as the champion,, wow. was a glimpse of vania larissa from me,, if you want to see vania larissa,, let's watch the show on television miss world 2013 hehe ^ ^ .. sorry if my english so bad, I was just learning english: p .Bye2 wait a recent article of mine :)