Valerie Harper has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has only three months to live. She had decided to take her story and tell it on TV. She appeared on "The Doctors" yesterday and the "Today Show" this morning. Harper said, “I thought that instead of after I’m dead . . . it would be good and a chance for people that have grown up with me — and current fans, and people on Twitter and Facebook, and all the loving people — that it’s better for them to get a heads-up. While I’m still able to speak and show you I’m cooking my husband’s dinner, and walking on the bluffs in Santa Monica, and more than anything living in the moment . . . I really want Americans and all of us to be less afraid of death."

Valerie Harper will appear on "The Talk" tomorrow. I think it is so sad that she is going through this but she is so brave to share her story.

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