I wanted to do this story yesterday but ended up being snowed In At #Miejer parking lot. But a truck driver kept a 19 year old girl as a #slave that he abused sexually for like 6 or 7 months. The horrors this girl must have gone through Is beyond belief. The truck driver Is from #Salt-Lake-City In #Utah . The driver of the truck was a 53 year old man. The girl had thought she was gonna be working with him helping him on the truck. But she did not know that she would end up being his slave till It was too late for her. The girl Is related to the truck driver too on top of that which makes me sick even more that that he would do something like this in his own relation Is beyond sick I hope they throw the book at him and give him a nice cell with an even bigger cell mate that will make him Into a slave too. The police pull him over In #Minnesota and notice he was wanted In #Florida where he had a #warrant for his arrest. They notice the girl had a black eye along with other injuries too. He uses a power tool to file down her teeth because he didn't like the way they look and would hit her If she made eye contact with anyone. This guy Is a real loser In my book because you do not treat a girl the way he did and deserved to be locked away like a wild animal and forgotten till he dies. I have zero tolerance for abuse of ladies from people like this or animal abuse. He kept her from taking baths for prolonged periods of time and he Is obsessed with #vampires too. I say this guy should have his fangs removed and force to live on rats for the rest of his life If he wants to do the things he has done. You can read more on this at the link below here.


This picture Is from freedigitalphotos.