I promised that I will tell you about the effects of aloe vera in various diseases. Internally managed gel (extracted from leaf after peeling green part), Aloe stimulates digestion, blood circulation, lymphatic, liver function, gall bladder, kidneys and alleviates rheumatic pains. Also Aloe gel has a biostimulator immune system. Administered externally to the wound, disinfects and speeds healing.

Allergies - reduces itching. Prevent or eliminate the appearance of rash.

Rheumatic pain - topical form of ointments containing aloe great, relieves pain. As internal cure, prevent calcium deposit on inflamed joints.

Bronchitis, asthma - bronchial secretion and decreased bronchodilator effect (due to anti-inflammatory substances it contains). Aloe Cure possible to dispense with cortisone, Miofilin and other drugs, the body was previously dependent.

Diabetes - pancreatic endocrine gland regulates metabolism so that diabetes non-insulin dependent, produces very good improvement of the disease, which can go up to complete healing of the disease, when administered over a long period (6 months - 1 year). In insulin-dependent diabetes, insulin dose should decrease by more than 50%. The frequency of complications (renal, cardiovascular, infectious, etc.). Greatly decreases.

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract The effect of stimulating cell regeneration, allowing rapid healing of peptic ulcers. Absorb excess hydrochloric acid and antibacterial effect against Helicobacter pylorus (trigger factor in duodenal ulcer). Regulate intestinal transit.

Hepatobiliary disorders Stimulates secretion of endogenous interferon with very important role in healing hepatitis B virus, C. Stimulates liver cell regeneration. Cure biliary disorders.

Eye problems Aloe gel is called "eye drops XXI century". Effects for eye diseases are spectacular: - Reduces the clouding of the lens for cataract; - Improves vision for myopia and hyperopia; - Cure conjunctivitis, blefaritele, etc..

Dermatological In psoriasis, aloe gel applied topically as an ointment, allows temporary healing of injuries. To avoid recurrence of the disease is necessary to associate local applications ... domestic cleaning gel. If these tips will be useful, I can only be glad for you and wish you good health.