All you read about here in the news this morning is about the #government #shutdown and its impact on everyone. There are plenty of hardworking Americans whose jobs are currently #furloughed because the federal government is out of #money. The reason this serious issue is not being resolved is due to the hard ball politics being played in Washington and the refusal for either side to give in.

I know a sure fire way to help #speed up this #process. A new bill should be passed that anytime the #federal government runs out of #money, the first thing to be cut are the salaries and #expenses of all the senators and representatives in Congress. I know a law was passed awhile back that protects their salaries in situations like this, but why. First off, most of these Congressman are millionaires to #begin with so they can surely afford to go without pay for some period of time. Second, regardless of how much they depend on their Congressional pay in terms of their household fianc├ęs, it will be nice to make them feel this in their own wallets.

I would guarantee you that if we held up their paychecks until they figured out a way to resolve these #differences, the resolutions would come very quickly. Instead, they continue to collect their #paychecks while the hard working normal individual has to figure out ways to survive without #pay until the government can come to a #conclusion of this shutdown.

What do you think? Would cutting #Congressional pay first help #resolve #situations like this #faster?

PHOTO CREDIT: Credit for Capitol Building Photo goes to Wikipedia post where image was found on Google Images!!