I don' t have a lot of information about the boy I wrote about yesterday who got hit by a car. I do know however, that he is alive and that is a good thing. Nobody really knows how badly injured he is though. I may go to 7 11 and get a paper today to see if there is anything in there about the incident.

The only reason that I know he is alive at least is because my son had a friend who drove by the scene some time after we did. He said the boy was sitting on the stretcher outside of the ambulance and he was awake and the paramedics were having him squeeze something. So he was obviously alive and awake. That of course does not mean he is in great shape. I am hoping the story will be in the newspaper. I am so relieved to know he is alive but I want to know more. I will let you all know if I hear anything more.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and well wishes for this young man.