Meanwhile doctors of the hospital Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher is staying at said that his life is no longer in danger. However, his manager could not confirm this so far. His wife has asked reporters to stay out of the hospital so the doctors can do their work without any interruption. The french newspaper "Le Dauphine" reported that his helmet camera was turned on while he was going downhill. The video will provide valuable information to the investigators in regard to what happened in the accident. A statement in that regard is sheduled for tomorrow, wednesday.

A witness now has claimed that he saw Schumacher going downhill and that his speed was rather slow than fast. If this statement is correct it will be very interesting to find out why he had this accident since when you go slowly you have much more control while skiing. According to "Le Figaro" French attorney Edward Bourgin says that the signs and markings on the piste were insufficient, especially at the location where Schumacher had his accident. He is still in artificial coma. According to another doctor he may completely recover as in 20% of such cases the victims have shown no further complications after they had awakened.

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