I posted the other day about a 16-year-old boy that set himself on fire in his high school's cafeteria on Monday (http://www.bubblews.com/news/2182864-colorado-student-sets-himself-on-fire) but there were still a lot of unreleased details at the time and the article raised more questions than it answered.

The boy's name was Vince Nett, and he drank a water bottle full of bleach before dousing himself in Coleman fuel and lighting himself up. Authorities suspected it was a suicide attempt, but that has been confirmed after an investigation into the boy's online activity - he had posted his plan to kill himself on Monday morning on Facebook over the weekend.

"This is not someone's fault. I had this planned for years. If anyone says that they know why I did this...nobody knows and nobody will." He goes on to apologize for 'how the cafeteria will smell afterward.' He also tells his family that he loves them.

That obviously raises more questions...did no one take his threat seriously? Did no one tell his parents, or report his suicide threats to authorities? Obviously not, since he was able to follow through with his plans EXACTLY as he detailed them...and that makes me furious.

Someone has since removed pictures from his Facebook account and made most of it private, however, there is one picture that you can still see that says "Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the most lonely person. So never leave that person alone, because they'll never tell you."

Friends and family say they are baffled by his suicide attempt. Friends say he wasn't bullied in school, and, just like Vince predicted, no one seems to have any idea why he attempted suicide. After his attempt, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with burns to over 80% of his body.

As far as I can find online, Vince was still listed in critical condition yesterday. No updates yet for today.

Classmates of his at Standley Lake High School in Westminster have been using the site uCaring.com to raise money for Vince's medical bills, and have sprung into action to be strong and supportive for one another and encourage one another.

(Photo is mine.)

&Link10103 This answers a few of the questions that we had.