Affirmations are incredible. They can literally rewire our minds for success. Here is the way to use them that I have found most effective: As you repeat them, imagine that they drop into the center of your chest, where your heart FEELS and energetically BROADCASTS them into the inner universe. Feel their truth in your heart FIRST, and every level of your mind will follow. Dive DEEP into their meaning.

Wealth and abundance affirmations:

I am wealthy in spirit, mind, and in body. I am rich beyond all measure, time, and form. I am one with the source of all wealth in the universe. I am a child of the Infinite, born to inherit the kingdom of all riches, wealth, and joy. I am made in the image of infinite, abundant love. Made in the image of infinite love -- I am infinite love. I am a wave on the ocean of abundant love. Love is my wealth. I am eternally supplied with endless, creative ideas to improve the quality of life everywhere. I manifest wealth, love, joy, and riches from the center of my heart. All that I place with loving care into the center of my chest, manifests with ease and grace. My heart is attuned and aligned with the highest vibrations of joy, love, and gratitude. My heart is interwoven with love into this cosmic, loving universe. As I accept unlimited wealth in my heart, it is made manifest in my mind and my life. Love attracts my highest good to me, and I accept it now. I accept the flow of spiritual and material wealth coming to me from all directions. I am one with the quantum field of energy that sustains this universe. The universe floods unbounded joy into my life from within my heart and mind. I smile in the light of a million suns of joyous love. I breathe my heart open wide to the universe of abundance now. I give love to myself and others unconditionally, and watch with joy as my abundance expands. I deserve wealth. I deserve joy. I deserve peace. I deserve happiness. I deserve success. My natural state of unlimited abundance is clearly and powerfully manifest in my life now. Every day in every way, I am more awake and more alive to the flow of unlimited abundance in my life.

~DeviDas~ copyright 2013

photo credit: my own photo I took at Swami's Beach in Encinitas, below the ashram of Paramahansa Yogananda.

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