The CBS miniseries "Under the Dome" comes on tonight at 10 pm ET, and there will likely be a lot of people joking that "Simpsons did it!" as soon as they see the show.

This is because the series' premise is very similar to that of "The Simpsons Movie" -- a town gets placed underneath a giant glass dome. But there is at least one big difference -- viewers knew why the dome was placed over Springfield (it was because Homer polluted the water supply). Just like the residents of Chester's Mill, viewers of "Under the Dome" will be clueless about why the dome appears over the town.

It's an interesting premise that kind of reminds me of shows like "The Walking Dead." In that series, the presence of zombies (or "walkers") dramatically changes society and leads some people to team up to survive and to try to figure out why the dead aren't exactly dying. The dome will probably have a similar effect on residents of Chester's Mill as they struggle to deal with their strange circumstances and attempt to uncover the truth about why they've been trapped.

I haven't read the Stephen King novel that the miniseries is based on, so here's the questions I have going into the show:

-Will the whole town be able to sustain itself without any goods from the outside coming in? -Will we see forces of good and evil face off like they do in "The Walking Dead?" -Will any families, lovers, etc. get separated by the dome after it's placed down? -Will we get to see what's going on in the outside world, or will the whole series take place under the dome? -Will people be able to communicate with the outside world using cell phones and computers? Or will communications and electricity be cut off? -Will a house get ripped in half by the dome? -Was the dome put in place to protect the town from something bad outside, or is it part of some sick and strange experiment? Do aliens have something to do with it?

I'm guessing there will be more questions than answers presented in the first episode, but I am looking forward to seeing what happens as the dome is put in place. IGN says that the pilot episode is good and compares it to "Lost," so you definitely might want to check it out if you were a fan of that mystery-ridden series.

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