In a few weeks Johny Hendricks takes on Robbie Lawler and the winner becomes the Welterweight Champion. I think the winner of this bout should defend the title against Nick Diaz. I know Diaz is still in retirement and the last time he fought he suffered a loss at the hands of then champion Georges St-Pierre. However, I still think Diaz would be a worthy opponent for either Lawler or Hendricks.

Even though Diaz did lose his last bout, he still put on a great fight and he went the full five rounds. I think now that Diaz has taken some time off he would probably come back refreshed and better than ever before. He is a good striker and I think a bout between him and Hendricks, or even Lawler would be a good one. For now, UFC fans have to wait a few weeks and see who wins between Lawler and Hendricks, and then wait and see if Diaz does decide to come out of retirement. I think there is a small chance that he will come back to the UFC, but I don't think he will be granted a title shot right away, but only time will tell what happens if Diaz does return.