I am a new writer in here and it’s great to join the Bubblews community. People are commenting, connecting and liking posts which is great to see. Everyone here seems friendly and it’s becoming like a social networking platform with plenty of interaction. I am learning new everyday on how to make bubbles more interesting and reach the masses. Besides, it’s also important to know how this website works and things to do or not to do.

In my research, I read lot of Bubblews reviews and user comments. Everyone confirms they do pay but sometimes not on time. Also, some claim direct Paypal methods are in progress and not just e-checks all the time. It’s good news for all writers down here and a new 3.0 version might land in soon with better interface!

Now, to the point I found one of them pointing that there are 2 grave mistakes most people do at Bubblews. It’s time you stop it to see better performing posts and also to make sure you are not annoying the admins of the website.

Mistake #1

Some people end up giving backlinks to their website, blog or anything that generates money. It is absolutely wrong. Even though, linking credits to images is being followed here, do it when only necessary and to avoid copyright issues. Trying to backlink will easily get you banned or lose your reputation here even if you do it unknowingly.

Mistake #2

Like most others, I tried tagging people with the + sign which is wrong too. The Bubblews site is designed to accept plus sign to add sub categories and not people. You should actually be using & sign to tag other people in comments and everywhere else. I made the mistake already by using the plus which should be avoided because it wont work properly.

  • - for subcategories & - for people

Will come up with more useful content and also cover new things that I learn here at Bubblews. I got so much to write about and I’m sure I can glue readers to the most useful posts that I pick in the upcoming days.

image courtesy - http://www.xgft.com/images/stories/virtuemart/product/mistakes-to-avoid.jpg

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