This show hasn't been aired for new episodes since April of 2012. But old episodes repeated up until SOAPnet was taken off the air in December 2013. And you can watch it on NETFLIX.

This show started in September of 2003 and was one of the best shows ever. Though it was more for teenagers and younger adults, I watched it with my daughter. I enjoyed it and still do.. My daughter has recently started watching it on Netflix and I've joined her, even though we have both seen every episode at least 3 times already.

It starts with two boys, who hate each other because they have the same dad but different moms; and the dad left the oldest boys mom when she was pregnant with him, when he went off to college but his "dads" brother helps his mom raise him.. But the youngest boy was raised by both his dad and his mom, and he became controlled by his father. But both boys love basketball and end up playing for the schools team. A lot of things happen between the two boys, including them having girlfriends and crushes on same girls.. but later they end up getting close and calling each other brothers.

BUT there is NINE seasons, and all that just happens in the first 1-2 seasons. Throughout the rest of the series, they have heartbreaks, deaths, weddings, babies, kidnappings, fights and lots of family issues. Its really a good series. I recommend it to everyone.

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