TV Review: Take on The Twisters

This is the quiz show which has replaced The Chase on ITV in the early evening. Unfortunately it does not work on so many levels.

Firstly the presentation, Julia Bradbury is much more associated with presenting factual programmes like Countryfile and it shows. She does not seem to be able to generate much enthusiasm or excitement. She does not need to be sycophantic and screaming but there is definitely something lacking.

The main problem is the format. If a contestant does not know the answer to a question, they can pass it to someone else. If they get it right they keep control of the board, if they get it wrong the original person keeps it. The logical tactic is to pass it to the person preceding you since if they get it right, if they get the next question wrong it will come back to the person next to them.

Secondly the game is very repetitive the rounds are the same for the first 45 minutes there is no change of format or an elimination round.

Finally, the successful contestant having used skill to get to the final then has to guess where the prize money is hidden, after deciding whether they want to take a lower offer, in a poor attempt at copying the guessing aspect of Deal or no Deal.

All in all a very disappointing programme.