Do you need a cute Baby Shower Gift? Need something to do with those left over Diapers or Pull- Ups? You can try creating something like this from them.

I'm trying my best to write out as clearly as I can what I did to make this diaper tractor display (known as a diaper cake). I hope its easy to understand and you will be able to follow if you want to make this too.

To start you're going to need a few main items. The larger size diapers will require less to use and the smaller size diapers will require more to use You can use as many of each item you want, as long as it all fits together. The more diapers you use the bigger the tractor will be. The more paper towel rolls your use, the longer each axil will be.

28 or more Size 3-5 Diapers Large Thin Rubberbands 2 or more Pairs of Socks 2- 4 Recieving blankets 2 or more Wash Cloths 2-3 Paper Towel Rolls 2 - 4 Cotton Bibs 2 Fleece Blankets Cardboard or Cardstock Clear Tape Ribbon A Bow

Substitute Items: 6 4oz. Bottles, 2 Plastic Bottle Caddy, Wrapping Paper, 1 or more Packs/Tubs of Baby Wipes

Cover (1) paper towel center with wash cloths, secure with tape. Fill inside paper towel roll with extra wash cloths and socks if you want. Cover each end of paper towel roll with a sock. Use 6-8 daipers for each front tire, secure with rubberband.

Do the same for the other paper towel roll, use both if needed to make axile longe.r Use 12-14 diapers for each back wheel,use rubberband. Put paper towel rolls into the center of the diaper tire and cover the rubber band with ribbon,

For the body of the tractor I used more diapers but you can substitute diapers for the bottle caddy and bottles or baby wipes if you want. Whatever you use will need to be long enough to fit in between the front and back tires without them being so close together.

If you use diapers like I did make sure you use rubberbands to hold them together and place them in between the tires vertically/standing with the opening of the diaper facing downwads and the folded sides upwards.

Cover the front and back of the body with a bib, use recieving blankets to cover the the rest and secure with tape. Use pampers or any substitute for the window, cover the front with a bib and set it ontop of the body. Use rubberband, string or ribbon to secure the two together.

Use 1 Fleece blanket as the roof and to cover the back, secure that with tape, ribbon and a bow on top. Cover the cardboard or cardstock with the other Fleece Blanket and you're done!

It was much easier to make this than it sounds coming from me. The best part is that almost all the supplies will be used for the baby as it grows. If this hadn't turned out to look like a tractor I was going to buy her a greetings card, put everything into a big, cute, gift bag with tissue papers, curly ribbons and balloons.

Besides, it's the thought that counts! Right?

Photo Cedit: MuslimahTresses

This was for my little sister to welcome her back to Motherhood after 12 years. What long break!

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