Hi Dota 2 players! This post is for Dota 2 addicts out there who wants to learn something new about Dota 2. So how to trade Dota 2 items? Read this first: *If you want to trade items make sure that your steam account is capable for that. How to know if your account is capable? -simply click on the settings of your steam app and check weather your account is protected by steam guard. If protected then you are capable if not then you're not capable. How to enable steam guard? -to enable, you should wait 15 days and it will automatically activated but make sure that you already verify your email address. Note: You should be friends before you can trade items If these reminders above is followed then proceed to the last steps. Click your friend's name on steam app and click the triangle right beside to your friend's name. After that there are options will pop up and choose "Invite to trade". Wait for his/her confimation and trade box will appear. #personal-share #Dota2 #gaming-tips