The other day I finished making a #turkey centerpiece to use for the month of November using a #coffee-creamer-bottle and some cardboard. I started by painting the whole bottle brown. I then painted the top part of it red to represent the color of a turkey's neck. I cut out the feather plumage for the back using cardboard from a soda 12 pack. I painted that brown on both sides and then glued it onto the back of the bottle. I then painted two blacks eyes onto the blue lid, which happened to be similar in color to turkeys' heads and did not need to be painted. The way the lid protrudes out a little also makes it seem beakish. I just wish I had figured out that I was going to use that as part of determining where the eyes went before I glued on the back feathers because to line up and look right I have to not screw the lid on all the way and it kind of shifts around when moved. Overall, though, I think it turned out pretty good.