I have three cats, one of which that is over-the-hill and can’t always make it to the litter box, so needless to say every once in a while she has an accident outside of the kitty porta potty.

Not a big deal at all, it’s one of the side effects of having pets and I’m perfectly fine with cleaning up after her and doing what is necessary to keep her happy and healthy, it’s all part of being a responsible pet owner.

Now I also have a 6 month old doggie, a black Shih Tzu with a wicked underbite, and who is as dumb as a box of dog treats to put it nicely.

When my older cat dumps outside the litter box my little Shih Tzu doggie steals her turds, but not to bury in the backyard next to her dog bone for safe keeping, but rather to eat it up like as if it was cake and she was a fat kid.

At first smell of poop my first reaction isn’t one of despair because I have to clean it up, but rather that I need to make it there before my “Shit zu” does.

It’s like one of those television shows where everything is moving in slow motion and me, and her, are racing to the prize.

This is why I’ve always been a cat person, because dogs are nasty as heck. They eat crap then want to lick your face, get out of here with all that nonsense.


Photo credit; http://www.theturdburglar.com/

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