To inform everyone that doesn't know or didn't get an email. If you filed your taxes with Turbo Tax at any time during 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. They may have over charged you. The court has been going on for sometime. But, the verdict has been reached and they owe many people. If you believe you may be one of them I have some sites for you to check out. But, the time is pressing. I believe you can only submit a claim on this up til October. I have read 2 different dates, so no delaying if your interested in getting some of the unnecessary funds they deducted and grew interest on. You can file your claim from this site. Click on light blue link. Now, this is the actually online claim form. (Which states 10/28/2013 is the final date accepting claims)

If your unsure on this. I did it for my sketcher shoes that messed up my hips and received my money back. Also, my bank that deducted money from my account over the years for saying ISF when that was untrue. I again obtained my money back.

I am not trying to push anything on anyone just bringing it to your attention. In case your interested and have been uninformed or misinformed.