Today i saw someone's post on f'book saying, she wanted a tubal ligation but she is worried that she will turn into a sex-maniac. I often heard from my mom's friends and from someone i know about the "old wives tale" of tubal ligation . Such as, it can cause a woman to gain weight or to lose weight, abnormal menstrual period and can "turn a woman into a sex-maniac", OH sex-maniac, really? The latter seems bugging me, so i research online about #Tubal-ligation.

Here's a little info I found from Center for Global Health Communication and Marketing.

"Tubal ligation will turn a woman into a >sex-maniac=/make her promiscuous."

Possible Response: This is not true. A tubal ligation has absolutely no effect on a woman's desire or sexuality or her tendency to be faithful or unfaithful to her husband. Her #ovaries will still release eggs and she will produce the same female hormones and she will menstruate normally each month-the same as before she had the tubal. Some women feel more desire to have sex after a tubal because they no longer have to worry about getting pregnant, but this does not make them more likely to become "#promiscuous."

So, does #tubal-ligation will turn a woman into a #sex-maniac.?? The answer is a big fat NO!

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