I have been a Triond writer for over 3 years. I thought it is a good place to publish my articles while I can earn passive income after I am successful on my venture. Although I have accumulated 60 articles over the years, the traffic is declining while I manage only to earn US$ 1 for a one year period! You can see in the picture uploaded on how much I have earnt in total over the three years!

Meanwhile, Triond allowed those who used Google translate for their articles to be promoted in the "Hot Content" list. Their customer service is pathetic. Their only lone ranger with account name "Nathan" did not respond to customers reply on getsatisfaction forum. The Triond employees are having their sweet time on Triond. They don't delete spammy articles even after the account associated with the articles was deleted. All comments are allowed on their blog, including the spam comments. They just lazy in moderating their spammy forum and they decided to close the forum 2 years ago.

Now all my Triond articles are invisible on Google search and I have been trying to remove all my articles on Triond. But not so fast, Triond have republished 6 of my articles a few hours later on their website without my permission and few days after that my Triond views shoot up to 6000 views in total for one of my republished article! All the traffic came from the Triond sister sites. This is not uncommon because Triond is filled with glitches ever since I started publishing on Triond back in October 2010. But the payment is pathetically low, only US$ 3 was earnt with a total of 6000 views.

And you may want to know that Triond was founded by the CEO Shahar Solomianik, an Israelite who co-founded the company Stanza Ltd. (http://il.linkedin.com/in/shaharsol)

My conclusion is: Don't ever write for Triond. It is run by a bunch of no brainers who only like to earn passive income from their members. There are better writing websites out there such as Hubpages, Squidoo, and expertscolumn where they have already built good reputations over the years!