This summer I purchased a package of flower seeds from a dealer on Amazon who goes by the name, Treasures by Lee. I received the seeds fairly promptly and immediately put the Orange Ice Geranium seeds into potting soil.

The Orange Ice Geranium seeds had a fairly good germination rate so I was pleased. I sat back and waited for my unusual colored geraniums to bloom.

Finally last month some beautiful flowers appeared. Unfortunately the flowers weren't orange. Nor were they geraniums. My Orange Ice Geranium flowers were none other than common straw flowers. Every flower that grew ended up being straw flowers rather than geraniums.

Realizing Treasures by Lee made a mistake and put the wrong seeds into the packet I contacted Treasures by Lee and asked them for a replacement seed packet. I got an immediate automated response saying they were on vacation and that they would respond in 3 days. Hm...

A few days later I contacted them again. No response.

So Treasures by Lee I have decided to give you this little bit of advertisement (along with my negative feedback on Amazon). For those of you who are wise you will order your seeds from another reputable dealer on Amazon. If you are not sure which seed sellers are reputable contact me and I'll be happy to share those of who have been good sellers.

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