My niece is home with her parents in Michigan today after a year teaching elementary aged kids in South Korea. I am so proud of her for following in the family footsteps and expanding her horizons to include other cultures and different experiences, making them part of her life tapestry, and thus enriching her life in so many different ways, and she in turn enriching others.

There is a world beyond our front doors that is so worth experiencing and exploring. It is mind opening and expanding to travel to different places, and it gives you a whole different concept of humanity. It is not us and them, separate beings in different places in this varied world of ours. We are all one huge family of mankind, no matter where we are from or where we live, what we look like or how we live our day to day lives. Borders don’t change that, and in our human stupidity and vanity we often create walls between us that really don’t need to be there to begin with, instead of learning from each other.

Different cultures, beliefs and races should be viewed as an amazing gift, one to embrace and learn from, not one to fear and build up walls of misunderstanding and hatred around. If I have learned anything from my travels beginning in infancy and continuing throughout my life, I have learned that we are all viable, worthwhile beings who have something special to offer the world. No one is superior or inferior as a culture, a race or a country. We all create the tapestry that makes what is good and amazing in this world, worthwhile.

Every single culture, race and place has elements of good and bad in them. You are living with blinders on if you can’t see that. One is not better than another; it is just different. You have to look for what is best in each and encourage that to grow and flourish, not lump it all together and condemn a whole group of people for the mistakes and cruelty of a few within any given group. Learn from the best, and even the worst from each in order to make this a worthwhile place to be.

As for me, I will celebrate the differences in our world and be glad to be one of the different colourful threads that make up our human tapestry, together. I wouldn’t want to live my life in a world that is all gray and the same. That is boring and uninspiring. That to me is not living, it is merely existing. I want to live “with all the colours of the wind.” Nature would perish without diversity. It flourishes with it. So should we.

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Photo by LMBD, property of LLDM. Used with permission.