I have been recently obsessed with touch typing practice online to improve my typing speed.

My son felt very puzzled when he knew that I was practicing typing. Having seen me sitting in front of the computer day after day since he was very small, he could not understand how it is possible for his mother not to know how to type.

I explained to him that in my generation people did not learn to type on a computer keyboard in elementary school, because not everyone had a personal computer or a typewriter at home. Therefore many people of my generation type using the "hunt and peck" method. I am one of them. In fact, I can type very fast for my work related to system administration and programming. In my work accuracy is often much more important than speed. Many development environment suites have been designed so that a complete computer command can be selected and displayed on the screen using a single keystroke. This saves a programmer lots of typing. So typing speed was not so critical in my work.

Now I want to increase my typing speed, because I have recently become interested in writing. It is very difficult to type quickly if one uses hunt and peck. So I decided to learn touch typing instead.

It was difficult at the very beginning. Just one month ago I could only reach a speed of 15 wpm. But I feel much better now that I am able to type about 60 wpm on the online touch typing tests. I have already benefited from my progress in my typing speed. I am so happy that now I can finish my diary, emails, and articles within a much shorter time.

My son can type at a rate of 100 wpm or even higher, so I know that I still have a long way to go to reach my limit. Now I keep practicing everyday. I wish I had used all the time I was playing Tetris Battle to practice touch typing. For the long term, the investment of time in practicing touch typing is really worthwhile, because touch typing saves lots of time and boosts productivity.

In the future, the benefit for me will increase, as I plan to write more and more.

For some people typing comes naturally, while for other people typing is a struggle. I think I might be between these two types. It took me some time to practice, but I made progress quickly. Even though I occasionally try to look at the keyboard as I used to, I am aware of that and can come back right away.

Here are some things I have learned in touch typing practice. First, remember the position for each letter. Second, always try to keep the relative position between fingers and keys unchanged as much as possible. This is very important. Third, type without looking at the keyboard. Finally, keep your fingers relaxed, so that you can move them swiftly while typing.

There are many online touch typing websites. Here are two that I have used: http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english http://www.typeonline.co.uk/typingspeed_alpha_numeric.php I used the first one at the beginning, and I used the second one later. When I switched from the first one to the second one, I found that my speed decreased dramatically. I think that there are three reasons for this. One reason is that the words in the second one are more complex. Another is that there are more capital letters and symbols. The third reason is that the internet connection to the second website was a little bit slower.

Here is a website that teaches touch typing: http://www.typingstudy.com I saw this site when I was almost finished with this article. I haven’t had time to look it in detail, but it looks good and I will take some time to see if it has any useful information or tips for me.

Image credit: 02varvara.files.wordpress.com