Toronto to Los Angeles Highrise Comparison

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Toronto and Los Angeles are on two separate sides of North America, and they are also very different cities. Los Angeles, is a sprawling mass of a city spreading all the way into the San Bernardino Mountains and San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles has a metro area of over 12 million people, and it’s CSA Metro Area reaches over 18 million people. Toronto on the other hand, has a metro of just about 6 million people, and the Toronto Golden Horseshoe which would be the equivalent of the CSA is about 8.5 million people. Don’t get me wrong, Toronto was, and is a sprawling city, just like Los Angeles, especially, the 416 to the inner rings of the 905, which have an equal population to Los Angeles City Proper of about 3.7 million people in about the same area of about 400 square miles.

Los Angeles, doesn’t build highrises to the same extent as Toronto, especially outside of the downtown core, Los Angeles has a very suburban centric housing pattern, with communities defined by low slung, and far flung tracks of single detached living. However in the city core, there are many, many thousands of low rise apartment blocks that actually have greater density than many tracts that surround downtown Toronto. Which still has a huge inventory of old pre-war housing. Los Angeles in this respect is actually far more urban than Toronto. Of course downtown walk-ability is another thing all together, and we know that people in Los Angeles are addicted to their cars, the same can be said for people in Toronto, especially those outside of the downtown core.

When it comes to the highrise comparison let us begin the match: The tallest building in Los Angeles is the US Bank Tower, which rises 310 (1018 feet) meters, in comparison to Toronto’s First Canadian Place which rises 298 (978 feet) meters. In the next phase of buildings, the advantage shifts into Toronto’s favour, Scotia Plaza in Toronto is 275 (908 feet) meters, in comparison to AON Center in Los Angeles which is just 262 meters (858 feet). Two California Plaza is just 229 meters or 750 feet, in comparison to Trump Tower Toronto which is 277 meters, (252 meters to the roof), The Gas Company tower is 749 feet, or 228 meters compared to BCE Place – Brookfield Place at 263 meters in Toronto. Bank of America Center in Los Angeles is 224 (735 feet) meters in comparison to Commerce Court in Toronto which is 240 meters. Next up 777 Tower in Los Angeles which is 725 feet (221 meters ) compared to TD Centre in Toronto which is 223 meters.

Toronto’s top 10 tallest buildings

First Canadian Place – 298 meters Scotia Plaza – 275 meters Trump Tower Toronto – 277 meters Brookfield Place – 263 meters Commerce Court – 240 meters ( 784 feet) TD Centre – 223 meters (731 feet) Bay Adelaide Centre – 218 meters (715 feet) Shangri-La Hotel Toronto – 214 meters (702 feet) Ritz Carlton Toronto – 208 meters – 684 feet Bay Wellington Tower – 202 meters 679 feet

Los Angeles Top 10 tallest buildings

US Bank Tower – 1018 feet – 310 meters Aon Centre – 858 feet – 262 meters Two California Plaza – 750 feet – 229 meters Gas company Tower – 735 feet – 224 777 tower – 725 feet – 221 meters Wells Fargo Centre – 723 feet – 220 meters Figueroa at Wilshire – 717 feet to 219 meters City National Tower – 699 feet to 213 meters Paul Hastings Tower – 699 feet – 213 meters

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