With the number of commercials between the shows, it is important that they are humorous, fun and entertaining. Over the years there have been really memorable commercials that have touched our hearts. Sometimes during a conversation with friends or family, we try to remember those special advertisements, but some of the details have been lost. There are a variety of websites that show many past commercials from prior years.

Retrojunk.com. shows commercials from your favorite era. Watch a circus-themed Apple Jacks commercial that even featured Michael Jackson stickers. There was even a Strawberry Shortcake commercial too. If you were a He-Man fan of the 80's, you can see a commercial about Burger King having He-Man cups available. For those who want to see how the technology of video gaming really began, you can watch an old commercial from the 1970's advertising an Atari 2600 series that came with a set of 27 different games. This will definitely take some gamers way back!

One other website that featured old commercial classics is RetroStatic.com. Check out a Brighter Trix kind of cereal from 1985 where the kids stated "you had to wear shades just to eat it." For the year 1991, Burger King advertised the Burger King Kid's Club that was offering Barnyard Commando toys. As for Public Service Announcements, you could see the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles commercial that helped kids say no to drugs. It aired a lot during the Saturday morning cartoon line-up in the early 90's.

Most of these commercial websites are very easy to search and watch. The videos are all posted "YouTube" style and you can share links on Facebook, blogs or probably other social networking websites. If you enjoy looking back in the past and watching your old favorite commercials, then these websites are a great way to pass some time.




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