Best Affiliate Tracking Software If you looking for a CPA network or Affiliate Business then this post may help you to Choose Affiliate Tracking Software for that Network/Business. If you search You will find many results and each says that they are best But we wrote this post after having suggestions of some senior CPA network owners and Affiliates marketers and then we come up with following list for Best Affiliate Tracking Software.Some days ago we wrote a post on Best CPA Networks List. So CPA network can't exist without Powerful Tracking software so today we will introduce you to not only with Affiliate Tracking Software, and also we have make up list of some Best Affiliate Tracking Software with their prices and qualities. Affiliate Tracking Software

What is Affiliate Tracking Software:

Affiliate tracking software describes the technology used to track or manage a myriad of affiliate marketing activities. Traditionally, affiliate tracking software provides the means to track performance based online marketing, or Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Action. There are many types of affiliate tracking software that can be utilized by a number of different business models, but it is perhaps most commonly associated with Affiliate Networks who use such a software platform to track and manage the activities of affiliates who are promoting campaigns from within the affiliate network. Many online businesses also create their own affiliate networks in which they manage their own affiliate relationships to promote their products and services. Affiliate tracking software enables them to track conversions on their affiliates' sites. Source Affiliate Tracking Software Wikipedia Top 5 Best Affiliate Tracking Software.

  1. Cake

Cake is best and real time Affiliate Tracking Software.Cake software is best for advertisement and networks.Cake is best affiliate software support multiple languages and currencies which is its best feature.Cake software gives unlimited bandwidth as well as 7/24 hours full support from UK and US. 2. Hasoffers

Hasoffers is one of best analytics tracking software.This software is also called leader in attribution analytics.This tracking software is best for advertising.This tracking software is designed for network,agencies and media buyers Easy to understand user friendly if you have no experience before of affiliate networks then you must go for this.This is reliable platform which provide best features.You can try its free trial version but working credit card is needed for that you will be charged after a month. Price: Starting from $279 Per Month 3. OmniStar

Omni Star is also good analytics tracking software.This software provide web base platform to to organize a affiliate program for you business.This software is best for business as it provide simple and easy interface.By using omnistar affiliate software, You can track and pay affiliates which are impossible by hand.This tracking software is available with trial free version of 15 days.You can also try paid version. Price:27$ Per Month 4. Ambassador