A Top 3 Minecraft NPC Village Seeds 1.5.2/ 1.6.2.

Do not use quotes with seed. Seed 1: "-7409309040334141422" At the coordinates below you should see a npc village on a hill, this one however does not have a black smith chest in it. X= 346 Y= 87 Z= 218

Seed 2: "-3368200170361086992" The second seed on the Top 3 Minecraft npc village seeds 1.5.2/ 1.6.2 list spawns you on a island that is pretty flat, and if you follow the coast of the island you should come across a NPC village. This NPC village has a black smith chest which will allow you to get easy access to more resources.

Seed 3: "-4274257526480157902" This seed will spawn you in a NPC village, or around one. The area around the village will be flat or close to it allowing you the ability to either expand on the NPC village or add other types of structure to it.

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