One of the things I will always argue over is the Dallas Cowboys place as one of the best NFL franchises of all time, or at least of the Super Bowl era. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to count down who I consider the best Dallas Cowboys players of all time.

10 – Rayfield Wright

Everyone loves to talk about the playmakers on offense and defense, but not a lot of people like to look at the big hosses in the trenches, blocking to protect their quarterback and open holes for the running backs. I do like to give them credit and here we talk about Rayfield Wright, one of the best offensive lineman in Dallas Cowboys – and NFL – history. He blocked in five Super Bowls for the Cowboys, protecting both Roger Staubach and Craig Morton, while opening holes for Tony Dorsett, Calvin Hill and more. He made it to six Proi Bowls and was an All-Pro five times. He is in both the Ring of Honor and the NFL Hall of Fame and deserves every accolade he gets.

Honorable Mention: Michael Irvin, Bob Hayes, Drew Pearson 10. Mel Renfro 9. Lee Roy Jordan 8. Rayfield Wright

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